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Coaching and Consulting Services 2019 


Laser Power Up

(½ DAY)

One on one laser focused  ½ day coaching  session

Provides a laser intensive session focused on an area where you want to make a significant change ASAP.

This session addresses the area of life such as career advancement, business growth, job search/interviews, leadership impact, executive presence and overall wellness.  You choose the focus.   

In a rapid, intensive ½ day, we’ll partner with you to establish a clear bold goal(s) and map out the most critical strategies and next steps action to accelerate positive impact.  


If you would like to continue coaching after the ½ day, you can enroll in ongoing private coaching on a monthly retainer.



Flexible 6 Pack 


6 private coaching sessions scheduled at your pace

If you prefer or need to take coaching and life changes at a random pace, then this approach is for you . 

We'll partner with you to address 1-3 major areas of life, goals  or major challenges in 6 personalized coaching sessions.  


Sessions will be scheduled when you're ready to go the next stage.  Based on the pace you need, we'll meet virtually for 50 minutes each session.

We'll coach you to create and pursue clear goals and detailed actions to make positive changes in your life or business.  After a plan is set, together we will reevaluate and adjust as needed to ensure you achieve the positive results toward your big bold goals. ,

You will gain insights, tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and take bold action toward your goals.  



Intensive Power Up

(2 Days)

Two day intensive 

Provides12 hours of focused coaching and consulting on the area of your life that you need to line up for a major transformation.

Over 2 days -- we'll partner with you to dig in deep in any area you choose, such as career advancement, business growth, job search/interviews, leadership impact, executive presence and overall wellness.  You choose the focus.  


You'll set up clear and bold goal(s).   We'll  help you create a comprehensive action plan for major results, address potential readblocks and map out crystal clear next steps. 


If you would like,  you can enroll in ongoing private coaching on a monthly retainer.



Quantum Leaps


18 coaching sessions over 9 months


If you are very determined to become the “best version of you” and “live your best life”, sign up for Quantum Leap.  We’ll work together to create an inspiring vision for your life and develop the optimal roadmap of action to guide you toward big bold results. 


QL is a unique program because we accelerate big bold change by working with you to overcome limiting beliefs,  

build on your personal strengths, power up your self-confidence, craft powerful strategies, set up support systems and put everything in play.


We’ll dive deep to explore and understand like never before your dreams, passions, talents, strengths, and goals to help you create and pursue an empowering action plan for BIG BOLD RESULTS.  You’ll receive guidance to help  breakthrough limiting beliefs, blocks and interferences.    So your pathway is clear to live your best life!!!  Breakthroughs and transformations guaranteed!!!!



Advanced Breakthroughs


12 coaching session in 6 months.

If you want to transform multiple areas of your life and are ready to take bold action toward living your best life --  then sign up for a 6 month coaching program. Coaching sessions are 50 minutes each and scheduled bi-weekly.

Together, we'll address major goals to create your best life.  We’ll jump start your personalized coaching plan with an initial discovery consultation to inventory your current situation, priorities, and challenges.  Then, we’ll begin our private virtual coaching sessions tailored to your top goals.  We'l create a combination of strategies and develop an inspirational and achievable roadmap to achieve your big bold goals .   At each session, we will reassess, realign, and strategize to power up your progress and keep you on track.  Breakthroughs guaranteed!!! 



Business Consulting For Strategic Growth

If you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, we can help you take your business to the next level. 

Strong leadership and a winning customer strategy are vital keys to success for every business. We offer professional consulting services focused on customer strategy, customer experience management (CEM) and change management as forces for your business growth

We partner with you to develop practical strategies to grow your business by enhancing your customer experience in a way that gives you competitive advantage. 

We can also help you evaluate options for growth and /or implement changes. 

Consulting Focus Areas: 

End-to-End Customer Experience

Customer Growth

Change Management

Customized consulting projects are based on the stage of your business and your specific needs. 


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