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About Kathryn


Every woman has a story.  My  life's journey has included many peaks and valleys --- for sure, there was the good --- the bad --the really ugly -- and the really really awesome !  In every chapter of life, a consistent passion of mine has been an on-going quest to become the best version of me and to live my best life - no matter what deck a cards were dealt.    I believe (100%) -- and have learned  that all things are possible with the right beliefs, mindset, strategies, "grit", and habits of action.      

                                    Kathryn xo

Kathryn  is a Croatian-American business executive, author, certified coach, and mother living in the East Coast.    As an accomplished businesswoman and personal development expert, her mission is to help others achieve their big-bold career, business and life goals.  She strongly believes that all things are possible with the right beliefs, mindset, strategies, and habits of action.    

Kathryn has a proven track record in developing high performance teams and coaching people to higher levels of success.  Kathryn brings a first hand, holistic understanding of the the many challenges professional women face in achieving career success while creating a fullfilling home and personal life.    She is now dedicating the next chapter of her entrepreniurial focus on helping others achieve greater prosperity while having a happy personal life  -- and overall greater fulfillment in life! 

As an accomplished corporate executive, Kathryn's expertise reflects 25 years of leadership and business experience where she managed global products and operations with budgets up to $1B in domestic and international markets.   Her areas of business expertise spans virtually every aspect of business leadership and management including, strategic planning, product management and marketing, building teams and organizations, change management, new product development, customer experience management, and operations.  


Kathryn discovered her passion for personal development early on and has continued to be a lifetime researcher and student.     While achieving professional success in corporate America, she  simultaneously continued to research and study  a wide range of personal development and peak performance strategies and thought leaders including Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Lousie Hays, and Dale Carnegie.  Kathryn is known for being an inspirational role model and change agent who always exudes high energy, creativity, an optmistic attitude.  During her career, she has mentored and coached hundreds of professionals to improve their leadership capabilities and influence for greater results in their professional and personal life.

Kathryn holds a certificate in coaching, a Bachelor of Science with honors in Business Administration from College of Saint Elizabeth and a MBA in Management with honors from New York University – Stern School of Business. Her leadership accomplishments and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Highest Leaf Award from the Women’s Venture Fund, numerous corporate leadership awards, and a U.S.  Patent.   

In her spare time, Kathryn loves to spend time with her family, traveling, taking care of self at the spa, reading, working out, doing craft projects,  and learning new things.  

Kathryn’s success with her clients is grounded in her unique mix of extensive business knowledge, role model leadership capabilities, exceptional relationship skills, and broad tool kit of personal development strategies. 

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